What is Deep Web and Darkweb | What is Each and How Do They Work

what is Deep Web

Friends, Today We Know what is Deep Web . Internet is a world where millions of people visit daily.
If you do not understand anything, you immediately pick up your laptop or mobile phone and search the internet.
You consider the Internet world to be very big, but it is not so.

Internet is only 5% out of 100%, ie only 5% people use Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook. And you understand that the Internet is a big thing.
In today’s post, we are going to know about the dark web. What is the dark web ..?


Friends, first of all, let me tell you that the Internet is divided into three parts.

1. Surface Web
2. Deep Web
3. Dark Web

So in today’s post we are going to talk about what is Dark Web. But before that you will also need to know what is Surface and Deep Web.
These three are parts of the Internet, but the work of all the parts is different, so let’s know about them.


Surface Web

The Surface web is a common part of the Internet. Anyone can use the surface web very easily anytime, anyone can access the internet without any problem.
As you are reading this article on our website SeoExpose, similarly you use more websites.
Such as facebook, amazon, flipkart, instagram, all the websites you can use normally, all of them come within the surface web.

As far as we search in some google or Bing, the result we see are also in the surface web itself. This is what we call the surface web.

We can easily use surface web websites in dark web and deep web, but we can never access dark and deep web website in surface web. According to the researchers, it has been found that the surface web is only 5%.


What is Deep Web In 2020

Talk about if there is a lot of search engine available in the world of search engines, which most people use Google, Bing, and Yahoo, all these engines are available in most every country and these all work only within the scope of law.
Google is a very big company, most people use Google and Google is the most popular.

It may keep all the rights with itself, but in the country where it does its business, Google works according to the government of the same country. Google shows you the same content
The government determines that its responsibility in India falls under the Ministry of Information and Technology.

The government will allow the category of content to be indexed, Google will show the same content in that country. In which Google or any other search engine has no right to show illegal website or illegal pages.

No illegal website has the right to appear on the surface web. If any search engine is found doing this then it is immediately canceled, so now let’s talk about deep web.


Deep Web

For that, people need a deep web which has all the secret websites in which most of the work is done by organizations like government employees, army, police, banks secrets, intelligence bureau, central bureau of investigation,
You will not get any of their secret information by searching in google. That is why such websites or pages have been placed in the deep web, which we can only access. When we have their fix URL as an example,

Just like my website is in the surface web, if you write allhelpinhindi on google then many results of my website will be shown and then you will come to my website by clicking on any link but in the same way we talk about deep web

So suppose you have to go to examplesecret, so if you write examplesecret in google then you will not get anything, you will have to go to direct examplesecret only because it is on the internet.

what is DarkWeb

But no search engine indexes their pages or website, it is only accessible to some specific people, now comes the turn of the dark web.

So friends, in today’s post, you have learned about deep web, what is deep web and how it works, so friends deep web and surface web work under one rule. But there is also a third part of it which is DARK WEB. This is the most dangerous part, there is no law in it.

Most illegal activity is done through the dark web. So in the next post we will go into detail about the dark web, what is the dark web


And how does it work. So I hope you liked what is Deep Web, if you liked the post, then share it with your friends or if you have any question or suggestion in your mind, then you can ask us by comment.


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